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BigRock Reseller Hosting Coupon

Bigrock caters the user with the best web hosting plans inclusive of ‘Reseller Hosting’ Packages. The account holder has the ability to make use of the allotted space along with bandwidth, in order to host various websites on third parties behalf in Reseller Hosting Packages. The reseller buys the services offered by the host wholesale and eventually sells it to various customers, to earn profit. The reseller hosting is a major feature of Bigrock hosting services. Undoubtedly, it is the best hosting package for professional hosting.

Bigrock lays emphasis on various features such as FTP Accounts, WHM Control Panel along with Private Name Servers, free Unlimited CPanel Accounts, MySQL Databases, Email, Unlimited Domains and WHMC Billing System.

Website owners can make use of Bigrock Reseller hosting services, provided at different reasonable prices. There are various services offered by Bigrock via reseller hosting, as mentioned below:

  1. Starter Plan – The plan is suitable for learners. It would cost you a reasonable amount per month. You would gain access to 20GB space along with 200GB limited transfer. The plan has duration of 1 month to 3 years, which keeps varying.
  2. Economy Plan – Better than the Starter plan, it offers the user with 40GB space along with 800GB limited transfer. The duration varies from 1 month to 3 years.
  3. Deluxe Plan – The most dynamic plan of all and comes with a plethora of features. A space of 50GB is provided along with 1000GB of limited transfer and free WHMCS. The duration varies from 1 month to 3 years.
  4. Premium Plan – The Pro Plan is the most rewarding of all. It offers 100GB of space, 2000GB of limited transfer and free WHMCS. The duration varies from 1 month to 3 years.

BigRock VPS Hosting Coupon

For those who crave for more power as provided by traditional hosting accounts, should take into consideration virtual private server hosting also known as VPS hosting. Most people prefer the VPS hosting service as it caters the people with more stability and power, as compared to what is offered by the traditional shared hosting services. As you would not be sharing server resources with several people, you would be gaining more power and stability. Describing in simple terminology, you would be having a room in a big house all for yourself.

The Concept of VPS Hosting

Earlier, the only option offered to the webmaster was to upgrade to the dedicated server. As a result, the cost would be exorbitant. However, to counter the excessive cost, a solution was created. The Web server was proposed to be partitioned into various accounts. The different accounts would be provided with additional access to the main server along with obtaining more usage of the resources. This is how the concept of VPS or Virtual Private Server Hosting was initiated.

VPS Hosting Review

Bigrock offers the user with VPS Hosting, which is different from shared hosting options available presently. The VPS Hosting implies compilation of various websites under one server. However, few or all may share resources with each other. Therefore, the VPS servers are considered a great option for webmasters.

A VPS Hosting caters all web resources to sustain a successful website. The VPS Hosting is much cheaper as compared to dedicated hosting services. The servers are separated from the main computer server and transformed into various virtual servers. Every individual server encompasses different operating system along with independent software. While making use of such servers, the users are able to gain access to main servers, in order to achieve flexible options.

The user would be provided with one physical server and two virtual private servers. Two different servers would aid the user in making modifications to one server, without affecting the other. The VPS Hosting service is ideal for both individuals and business people. Those who desire their hosting to be stronger and more customizable than shared hosting; the VPS Hosting is the best choice for them.

Bigrock VPS Hosting would offer you with a plethora of features and functions of a dedicated server. However, you would not be paying extra for these services. The Bigrock VPS Hosting machines are equipped with dedicated resources and full access.

Benefits offered by Bigrock VPS Hosting

  1. Root access would enable you to install all compatible application.
  2. Activities carried out by other users would not affect the VPS package and the applications.
  3. Despite any worst-case scenario, you would make use of HDD, CPU, RAM and Bandwidth.

BigRock WordPress Hosting Coupon

BigRock Email Hosting Coupon

Most individuals neglect the need of having business e-mail for their respective websites. A high quality theme design may cater decent looks to the website, but it may not appear professional. In addition, you should also acquire a branded professional business email for your websites. Everyone searches for the best email-hosting service providers. Bigrock is a celebrated name among the available list of email hosting service providers.

Bigrock offers the consumers with both security and affordable charges for email hosting services. Their email hosting services are selling like hot cakes in the market. In case you were looking forward to make use of unlimited webmail, POP3, SMTP and IMAP access, the Bigrock business email hosting services are your best bet. Bigrock offers the potential user with four different kinds of plans offered at reasonable pricing and suiting their requirements.

Bigrock offers the potential user with the following various email hosting plans.

Essential Plan – The basic initial email-hosting package enables the user the facility to open up to ten different email accounts for a reasonable amount. Bigrock caters the potential user with 2GB of space for every different account opened under the plan.

  1. Economy Plan – In case you were looking for a slightly bigger plan in comparison to the Essential E-mail Plan, you should select the Economy Plan. The Economy E-mail Plan offers the potential user with the ability to open up to 25 email accounts. The plan also provides the user with 2GB of space for every account opened under the Economy Plan. The price charged is slightly higher than the charges of the Essential Plan but are very competitive with respect to the charges prevalent in the market.
  2. Deluxe Plan – The best and the most preferred plan offered by Bigrock is the Deluxe Plan. Most users prefer the Deluxe Plan to other available plans offered by Bigrock. The potential user is catered with the ability to open up to 50 email accounts. The potential user would also be given 2GB of space for each account opened under the plan. However, the price is higher than other available plans offered by Bigrock for email hosting services.
  3. Premium Plan – The Premium Plan is recommended for bigger organizations. The plan offers the potential user with the facility to open up to 100 email accounts. The potential user would be provided with 2GB of space for every account opened under the plan. The Premium Plan would cost you higher than all other plans offered by Bigrock for business email hosting services.

Bigrock offers the potential business email-hosting user with a myriad of features with different packages. Bigrock customer support team is available 24 x 7 on phone, chat and email.