How To Choose the Best Web Hosting Company

If you have a website that you would like to be seen in the internet, you need to have it hosted, and for this purpose, you must know how to choose the best web hosting company there is around.

First, however, you need to understand what a good web host ought to be, so you will be guided in your search for the one you will hire for your website. To begin with, a web host is a service provider that will make it possible for your website to be viewed by millions of people around the World Wide Web. A good web host, therefore, is a company that has a fast server and an almost one hundred percent uptime.

So you will know how to choose the best web hosting company for your website, you must also realize that a web hosting company may have thousands of other clients besides you, thus, for your website to be seen in the internet, you will need to buy a space on the server of the web hosting company. When choosing a good web hosting company, therefore, look for one that is able to manage the technical needs of all its clients well. This is very important so you can be left on your own to see your online business through and depend on your web hosting company only for the technical aspect of running your website.

Nowadays, good web hosting companies are usually equipped with the same basic features such as control panel, bandwidth, diskspace, email, script language, and an efficient customer service that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Understandably, clients are looking for a company that can immediately answer their technical needs through email, phone or some other mode. Keep in mind, though, the prices that you will paying for to avail yourself of these features. The general rule is that greater the disk space and the band width, the greater is the amount that you are likely to pay. However, if you are dealing with a good web hosting company, you are certain that you will not be overcharged for these services.

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Another way by which you will know how to choose the best web hosting company to use is through research. The best hosting company, besides being popular, also usually has a number of awards to its name. The best also is very reliable with fast internet connection and it must be up and running for at least 99% of the time.

Aside from all these, you also need to check the types of network connections used because this will determine the speed necessary for your site to function. As is often the case, web hosting companies choose to connect through T1 or T3 lines, with speeds of  1.5 mega bits per second or 43 mega bits per second, respectively. What is advised to use, however, is the Optical carrier line, which is capable of delivering a speed of 51.85 mega bits per second at the very least.  Use our guide to help you pick the right web hosting solution.

How To Choose the Best Web Hosting Company

The Advantage of Choosing a BigRock Web Hosting

BigRock web hosting is an important tool in the realization of the success of online businesses. The business world is a very competitive world where key players should always be ready for action. Business communication is an elemental key to let the normal flow of business carry on and the Internet is a very effective ground for maintaining constant business communication. This is one of the most fundamental reasons why choosing a BigRock web hosting service is important for online businesses.

Your business can benefit from a BigRock web hosting that can safeguard your site through server monitoring round the clock security. The site will be shielded from unscrupulous trespassers by means of the firewall protection which is a component of every dependable web hosting service. Another essential element of a steadfast web host is the ability to filter spam and virus threats. Safety and security is the foremost capability that any business website should require from web servers. This role is highly essential in email services wherein security should always be on top.

Fast web server Internet connections are necessitated to ensure an effortless and efficient performance and function of the website. Additional security in the web servers are indispensable tools that a BigRock web hosting can offer. Ultimately, all aspects associated with Internet security and safety is of foremost importance that all websites are aiming for when they select web hosting services.

The role of security and safety with regards to information relayed to the websites are the soul of any business. This is especially true with regards to ecommerce websites wherein payment accesses are included. The business will be in big trouble when customers as well as business information are hacked by crooked and deceitful Internet scammers. Worse scenario would lead to the website being hacked. When this happens, big amount of investment would be loss, which is not at all good for the business.

In addition to security and safety, a BigRock web hosting is elemental to all operational functions of the business websites. It is necessary that a website should always be easily accessible to viewers since the viewing public can be prospective customers. Backing out of customers just because they are unable to access the business website is the last thing that any business website owner would desire to happen. Websites are developed in the hope to create business and not to ruin it. Malfunctioning email facilities due to unBigRock web hosting can create great damages to the business.


Adding up to all the mentioned benefits of having web hosting that’s dependable is with regards to productivity. This is always possible for keeping your website up-to-date all the time. With a secure web host you can change the contents of the website from time to time and allow viewers to check over them within just a short time; meaning they don’t have to spend long hours to get a sight of the latest updates.

The Internet is a powerful business tool and maintaining a website for the business is one way of keeping up with the stiff competition. Choosing a BigRock web hosting is useful to ensure safety and security as well as productivity of the business website.

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What is Affiliate Marketing?

What is Affiliate Marketing - BigRock Coupon

Affiliate marketing is a part of online marketing wherein you refer your audience to visit another website and make a purchase. It is one of the oldest forms of marketing in which you refer any online product to someone and if that person makes a purchase based on your recommendation, you receive a commission. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Affiliate marketing is looked upon as an easy way to make money from home.

Here’s what Affiliate Marketing includes –

Affiliate marketing is a commission based marketing method where an affiliate or third party conveys leads/sales to a company’s website for a purchase. The affiliate receives a commission for promoting the company’s products and the company receives leads/sales.

Here’s an easy way to understand it better-

  • An affiliate comes across a product you want to promote
  • The affiliate promotes it to his audience by providing links to the company’s website
  • When a visitor clicks the link and makes a purchase, the affiliate earns a commission from the product owner

Affiliate Marketing Vs. Referral Marketing

Affiliate marketing is often confused with referral marketing, as both of them use third parties to drive sales. But if you look closely, the two are quite distinct from one another. The main difference between the two is that affiliate marketing depends on completely on financial motivations to drive sales while referral marketing relies on personal relationships to drive sales.

Anatomy of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing entails 4 elements, and they are-

  1. Company

The one, who owns the product which is put on sale, is the company. The product can include anything, from website development services to products like clothes, shoes, etc. To increase the sales online, a company can get affiliates on its website.

  1. Affiliate

Affiliate is receives the product links from the company, puts it on his website and promotes it to his own audience. He can use different digital marketing tactics to sell more the product and earn commission.

  1. Network

Network is a platform where both company and affiliates exist together. A company signs up to list its products in the affiliate program, and affiliates sign up to search for products they would like to promote.

  1. Customer

One who clicks the link on the affiliate’s website and visits the company website to make a purchase, is a customer.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Affiliate marketing often uses regular advertising methods, such as SEO or Search Engine Optimization, PPC – Pay Per Click, E-mail marketing, content marketing, etc. Besides these, affiliates also use promotional methods such as publishing reviews of products or services offered by the company.

If your readers buy anything that you are promoting on your website, you will get a commission! Sounds a great way to make some good money.

The Ins and Outs of Accessible Website Design

Often web developers cringe at the word accessibility, especially when it comes to ensuring their website meets required accessibility guidelines.  Many web designers have an irrational fear that developing an accessible website means contracting out to a third party professional experienced in the field or the outlandish apprehension of shelling out hundreds of dollars on expensive software programs.  The truth is common sense website design resolves the majority of accessibility issues that many users encounter when attempting to view a website.

What is Accessible Web Design?

While the topic of accessible web design or universal design, far exceeds the scope of the article, in summary accessible web design is determined by several factors including the website’s code, accessibility and usability standards.   Accessible website is proactive website development that’s a smart and sensible technique of building a fully functional accessible site.

Avoid Confusion Regarding Accessible Web Design

There’s a huge cloud of misunderstanding that hangs over accessible web design.  It does not cost thousands of dollars nor does it hinder the aesthetics aspects of a website.  While the majority of web developers associate the term accessibility with abiding by guidelines to accommodate individuals with disabilities, the impacts far exceed the scope of the disability community.

Experts in website accessible argue that by developing an accessible site, not only does it attract visitors with disabilities in hopes of making a sell, but also catering to visitors that may be connecting via dial-up connections and other under-served individuals accessing the Internet.  Although there are a few differences between accessible and useable website design, there’s a line of creative design and tools that bridges the gap.

What to Know When Developing an Accessible Website?

The first and foremost thing to remember when developing an accessible site is that there’s absolutely no need to build it any different to accommodate potential visitors with disabilities.  Consider the following accessible website design tips to help in your efforts:

  • Use consistent layout and structure
  • Add alternative (ALT) text to images
  • Insert page headings
  • Use headings correctly
  • Allow for skip links
  • Link the words of specific content
  • Alert visitors when links are redirected
  • Use Title attributes with caution
  • Keep links underlined to retain link color
  • Label each field within a form


Although there’s not nearly enough hype around accessible web design, unfortunately many companies promoting products and services online via websites are missing numerous opportunities to market effectively to the world’s largest minority.  Looking into the future, hopefully there’ll be a greater buzz around website accessibility and website owners will take heed.

Google’s Page Speed Service Creates Suspicion

The Page Speed Service, provided by Google, functions like a web hosting service, gathering information from publisher’s servers, modifying the pages and reproducing the content onto their own server.

Websites were provided with an astounding prospect by Google, on July 28th, of increasing the speed of the load time for their Web Pages, from 25 percent to 60 percent. This has put forward the world, a renowned search engine company with even more authority and influence than before.

The speed, at which a webpage loads, is highly imperative to publishers as it is the main factor they consider to increase traffic on their website. If a website takes time to render its content, there’s a lower likelihood of visitors sticking around. Nevertheless, several industry watchers have begun to voice their suspicion, claiming that, through this Google, they would attain greater command over Websites.

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The working behind Page Speed Service is that publishers sign in and direct their DNS (Domain Name System) access towards Google. The Page Speed Service then gathers details from the publisher’s server and revamps the pages in order to increase their load speed, providing them to visitors through Google servers.

“Your users will continue to access your site just as they did before, only with faster load times,” stated a Google engineering manager, Ram Ramani. Ramani also explained that publishers will no longer need to be anxious about compressing their images, caching and other tiresome Website optimization factors.

He, even, declared that Google managed to enhance the speed of numerous Websites, by 25 percent to 60 percent.

Several industry watchers were wary of Google’s attempt to avoid using the servers of the publishers and to link the website through their own servers. They suggested that this act would result in Google gaining the title of being a Web Host, or a content delivery network.

Many feel that publishers might have little trust in Google, in delivering their Website content. Google, however, assured eWeek against it, claiming, “We don’t use the information collected from serving these Websites toward improving search results, or targeting advertising to users. We may, however, use the information collected to improve the quality of Page Speed Service itself, including making pages serve even faster.”

So far, Google has decided to make this service available only to a specific Webmaster, completely free of cost; although publishers can make an appeal to the company in order to avail the service. The price of the service, expected to be “competitive”, has not yet been revealed.