The Basics on Dedicated IP Web Hosting

Dedicated IP web hosting is a type of web hosting available to clients over the internet. Taken form the name itself, a single and exclusive Internet Protocol or IP address is provided for a particular web server. Many hosting providers already have this type of hosting available for those who want more control over their websites.

Web hosting packages normally differ on whether the Internet Protocol or IP address of the account is exclusive or collective. If you want your very own exclusive IP address then that is very possible. You simply have to choose among the various existing web hosting providers over the internet. Normally these hosts would require an imbursement of the entire amount before the exclusive IP address can be given to a particular client. With this exclusive right, the client can then transport content to the site and this include files and records such as videos and texts.

A web hosting set-up such as this is very appropriate for large scale companies that require superior security and privacy with their important files such as those in finances and marketing strategies. However, a single person can still available of a dedicated hosting if he or she can afford to do so. Having this unique access may come with a price, but it is worth having especially regarding issues with spam comments and emails occurring with a common server.

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Dedicated web hosting is also beneficial in the sense that it is able to provide more allowance for hosting that is more complicated and involves more advanced features. With this type of hosting, an exclusive SSL protocol and confidential FTP feature is normally included. SSL or Secure Sockets Layer allows for protected transmission of communication and business over the web. With a confidential FTP, or File Transfer Protocol, individuals can distribute information over the web, such as from one computer to another.

When an individual opts for the dedicated IP type of web hosting, he or she is basically more in command with the management of the site. Due to the exclusivity provided by this type of hosting, and the advanced specifications it allows, website owners can have the best possible advantages when it comes to owning a paid website. Since the website owner can exhaust all means to make his site more attractive and more impressive in navigation, then the site is expected to generate increased traffic and consequently a higher ranking in the popular search engines.

Primarily because dedicated IP hosting is greatly esteemed when it comes to the available internet services, this type of hosting usually commands expensive rates and package prices. When compared to other forms of hosting, dedicated IP is definitely pricier. Nonetheless, businesses and individuals can find hosting companies that charge sensible prices for their services. These website owners should first assess if they need a dedicated IP hosting, and then to research on the available options over the web. It is worth determining if a dedicated IP web hosting is just what the web business needs based on its particular requirements.

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What is the difference between Shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting?

Difference between Shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting

Once you buy a domain name and choose your domain niche themes, next you are going to choose best web hosting services for a domain. It’s always difficult to choose a good web host as a newbie because many types of web hosting available as per client’s requirement. We are going to discuss about the difference between shared hosting and dedicated hosting in this article.

Here you will understand about the pros and cons of shared hosting, pros and cons of dedicated hosting that help you to choose right for your business.

Pros of shared hosting:

  1. Affordable and Least Expensive
  2. Many quality plans available
  3. Ideal for small businesses, blogs
  4. Easy to use
  5. Simple to manage and setup
  6. Least amount of tech knowledge require
  7. Availability of coupon codes

Cons of shared hosting:

  1. Limited security features
  2. Limited bandwidth &disk space resources
  3. Slower server response time
  4. Possible incident of hacking
  5. No control over performance
  6. Imply for smaller website
  7. Websites can be slow if you have a lot of data

Pros of Dedicated Hosting:

  1. Much more flexible
  2. Faster speed, connectivity and upload time
  3. Total control over own server
  4. Enhanced performance and security
  5. Run your own software and utilities

Cons of Dedicated Hosting:

  1. More Expensive
  2. Support is more challenging
  3. Require technical person to manage environment
  4. Take care of problems and errors
  5. Very difficult to resolve problem/errors if happens

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Some Major Misconceptions Regarding Managed Hosting and the Truth Behind them

I am sure internet masters will find this article really interesting when they will get to know that some of the most believed myths regarding managed hosting have all got to do with the services offered. Following are a few myths that will make you learn a lot about the managed hosting:

Managed hosting packages lack software choices:

The discovery of this myth came into recognition when a group of people complaining about several other issues raised this particular issue. In general too, many companies that offer managed hosting fail to offer a number of software choices. Instead, all the companies need to offer a great deal of software on highly competitive rates.

Managed hosting means complete protection against viruses:

It is practically impossible for all the managed hosting providers to fully protect you against the malicious activities and viruses spreading in the world of technology. Thus, no managed hosting company has thus far been able to 100% protect its customers from the viruses. However, the companies keep upgrading their technologies that at least protect the customers from the most common and major threats.

24 hours uptime and managed hosting guarantee:

No matter what the contract and the term paper states but it is not possible for the managed hosting companies to provide the websites with a 24/7 live time and technical support. Although all the companies are supposed to do so but in reality, none of the managed hosting companies can prevent your site from going down or getting inactive at all times.

100% security of data storage guaranteed:

Although almost all of the managed hosting companies tend to take complete care of the confidentiality of data contained in the website but there’s a slight loophole in the terms and conditions. The clauses, however, disregard themselves from any loss of data caused due to natural calamities.

Managed hosting is a need of inexperienced web hosting customers only:

Had this been the case, then you should actually wonder that why some of the renowned companies in the world opt for managed hosting and not do it on their own. Managed hosting is a completely different profession and is not a support function. It is very time consuming and costly for the companies to manage their website on their own that includes adding disk space and increasing bandwidth quotas.

Managed hosting can only be performed by a team of hosting professionals:

No wonder all the major work related to managed hosting needs to be done by the professionals, however, you can always perform some of the minor actions that do not need much expertise. It again depends on how much funding you have set aside for managed hosting companies to take care of your website.

Managed hosting is a more costly solution as compared to dedicated hosting:

You might have to empty your pocket by paying a good sum of money but managed hosting is always a prudent solution if you have planned for the long run. This way you end up saving your time that you may utilize elsewhere very efficiently. The primary reason for creating managed hosting was to give web hosting customers more time to proficiently manage their business.

Factors Before Hiring the Linux Dedicated Web Hosting Servers

Are you finding out the best Linux Dedicated Web Hosting Server online? Well all you have to do is to immediately make an exclusive research on the keyword phrase of the Linux dedicated server on the internet so that you will be able to find out your reliable package efficiently. One of the most important things is that you will have to come across the most dedicated as well as dependable web hosting server company in order to get done the desired job successfully.

There are many web hosting server companies out there, but you will really need to use your own knowledge and skills so as to find out the best hosting server sites. With the usage of your best knowledge and information about the Linux dedicated servers, you will be surely able to hire the best server for your fulfilling your corporate needs. Moreover, you will have to find out the factors like flexibility, dexterity and versatility especially when searching for the dedicated Linux servers online. So, if you take into consideration these factors, you will be surely able to hire the dedicated web hosting servers according to your specific business needs and requirements cost effectively.

In addition, you will have to take into account the price factor as well. One of the most important things is that prices do matter in all sorts of buying and selling across the world. Therefore, if you are looking for cheap dedicated Linux server, please feel free to patch up with best web hosting server company in order to get done your desires. The greatest edge of hiring the Linux servers is that they can help you to increase your website traffic and overall rankings in a constant manner. Moreover, they are the best source for increasing your online earnings for long time. Furthermore, Linux dedicated web hosting servers are the best source for increasing your customer retention’s for long time. Currently, many companies are offering the best Linux dedicated web hosting server services to their valued customers worldwide.

Last, but not the least, you will have to read the latest articles and news on the web hosting servers on the internet for your fulfillment and self satisfaction. In short, we can say that Linux dedicated servers are the best source for increasing your website visibility, exposure and credibility over the World Wide Web. Therefore, if you want to purchase the cheapest web hosting servers, please feel free to contact us online for pleasing your contemporary desires in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

Moving Towards Dedicated Hosting Service

A Dedicated Hosting Service is also referred to a dedicated server or managed dedicated server hosting. It is one specific type of internet website hosting service which is used to get the concerned website files uploaded and have their website displayed online. Dedicated hosting services are mostly needed by clients who have large websites that generate high volumes of traffic. The two most common reasons for a dedicated server, is to enjoy the benefits of large bandwidth usage and good performance. In a dedicated hosting service, a specific server is used for a website. The hosting company that offers dedicated hosting service takes care of servers, software’s and other requirements. Dedicated hosting service involves high cost. The hosting company has to make a considerable investment in hardware and software. Also, it requires more investment in training and skills development of their staff. The hosting company has also to remain updated with the latest developments in hardware and software. In a dedicated web hosting service, the client need not bother to control the hardware or software that is required to run the server. Also, the client does not have to employ any technical resources in order to maintain the hardware and software. It is the dedicated hosting provider who is responsible for having a technical support staff which will be available around the clock to immediately take care of problems and assure that the server is up and it is working at all times. The website uptime can be enhanced by on-site support and monitoring results. Uptime can be considered as the percentage of time that the website is running. If the sites uptime is long enough, then the sites reliability also gets increased.

All the above mentioned functions are the sole responsibility of the dedicated hosting provider. That is why a dedicated hosting service costs considerably more than a shared hosting service. A dedicated hosting server provides more flexibility for a company that needs such hosting service. At times, certain companies with a growing web presence will hesitate to make the move to a dedicated server hosting arrangement. This is because they are under the impression that dedicated servers have to be housed and managed on-site. In reality, most of the websites that depends on dedicated servers are situated on the premises of the managed dedicated hosting company. It provides round the clock maintenance and support. In a managed dedicated server hosting, the hosting client can ensure themselves that they are the only one using the server and that it is 100% specifically used for their website needs only. This eliminates the possibility of potential downtime which could take place on account of another website that is on the same server. Also, there might be security issues, as well. However, in a dedicated hosting service, the proprietary information and customer databases are protected by special data safety method.

Hosting companies that offer dedicated hosting service are mostly big and more established than companies that only offer shared hosting. Small web hosts usually do not have the financial or technical muscle to provide dedicated hosting. It requires big investment and also knowledge to manage it. A shared hosting is normally used by a company which is new or has a small presence on the internet. However, if the traffic is big and the complexity of the website is growing, then a dedicated server hosting account is highly recommended.

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