What is a Dedicated Hosting Server?

Dedicated Hosting Server

A dedicated hosting server (otherwise known as dedicated hosting service, and managed hosting server) is a type of Internet hosting that allows the client to lease an entire server that they do not have to share with anyone. Using a dedicated hosting server is more beneficial than shared hosting because the organizations have total control over the server(s), which include the choice of operating system, and hardware among other things. In most cases, server administration is given by the hosting company as an add-on service and a dedicated hosting server can actually cost less on overhead costs and can also offer a bigger return on the client’s investment. Usually a dedicated server host is kept in a data center, which is similar to colocation facilities. A dedicated server host also offer redundant power sources and also have HVAC systems. As opposed to colocation, the dedicated hosting server hardware belongs to the provider and there are a few instances in which the dedicated server host will offer support for the client’s operating system or applications.

The availability, employee familiarity, and price of a dedicated server host is dependent on which operating systems are offered on dedicated hosting servers. In most cases, the variations on Linux and Unix, which are open source operating systems, come at no additional charge to the client. Commercial operating systems for dedicated hosting servers like Microsoft Windows Server offered through a unique program known as Microsoft SPLA.

Support for the operating systems required for a hosting dedicated server is usually dependent on the amount of management that is offered with certain dedicated hosting servers. OS support might include critical updates to the main system in order to gain the most up-to-date security fixes, system-wide vulnerability resolutions and patches. Upgrades to the core operating systems of a hosting dedicated server include service packs, vital security patches, kernel upgrades, and application updates that all work to ensure that dedicated hosting servers are kept safe and secure.

Some businesses may be torn between choosing a dedicated hosting and shared hosting. The main things to keep in mind are that with shared hosting the client will be sharing resources with other Web sites. This is a cheaper option, and the hosting provider will take care of certain issues such as set-up, operation system, bandwidth management, backups, security and e-mail. All the client has to take care of is content.

Something else to keep in mind when shopping for a hosting dedicated server is the amount of traffic your website will incur. Two things of particular importance in this category are “Web/disc space” and “Bandwidth/Data Transfer.” In most cases the provider will lock clients into a maximum amount for traffic and there will be an extra charge for anything that exceeds that amount. When a hosting dedicated server refers to disk space, this pertains to the amount of physical disk space that is needed by a client’s Web site. The way that this amount is determined is by the number of images, pages and other files that are on a Web page.


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There is a limit on the amount of bandwidth that a client’s website can handle, so clients should account for growth when deciding on a dedicated hosting server. Some hosting servers may actually deny access to a Web site if it exceeds the allowed amount of bandwidth.

Another factor to keep in mind when shopping for a dedicated server host is user interface. Will the Web site be user friendly, or will there be some things that users will have to go back and tweak themselves? These kinds of factors are time consuming; as business owners are aware, time equals money.

With dedicated virtual server hosting, a virtual machine is used only by an individual client of the service. The term “dedicated virtual server hosting” is utilized to express that the virtual machine, while being functionally equivalent to a separate physical computer, is only used for the client’s particular needs, and also has the security and privacy of a separate physical computer. With dedicated virtual server hosting, it can also be set up to run as a server computer. Virtual Dedicated Server/VDS is another name that is used less often for the same concept.

Another thing to consider with dedicated virtual server hosting is that each virtual server has the capability to operate its own full-fledged operating system and can also be rebooted independently.

Having a hosting server can be a great way to boost business, bring in new business, and draw a larger and varied audience. Not only can it be easier for business owners, it can also be easier for customers as well.

The Basics on Dedicated IP Web Hosting

Dedicated IP web hosting is a type of web hosting available to clients over the internet. Taken form the name itself, a single and exclusive Internet Protocol or IP address is provided for a particular web server. Many hosting providers already have this type of hosting available for those who want more control over their websites.

Web hosting packages normally differ on whether the Internet Protocol or IP address of the account is exclusive or collective. If you want your very own exclusive IP address then that is very possible. You simply have to choose among the various existing web hosting providers over the internet. Normally these hosts would require an imbursement of the entire amount before the exclusive IP address can be given to a particular client. With this exclusive right, the client can then transport content to the site and this include files and records such as videos and texts.

A web hosting set-up such as this is very appropriate for large scale companies that require superior security and privacy with their important files such as those in finances and marketing strategies. However, a single person can still available of a dedicated hosting if he or she can afford to do so. Having this unique access may come with a price, but it is worth having especially regarding issues with spam comments and emails occurring with a common server.

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Dedicated web hosting is also beneficial in the sense that it is able to provide more allowance for hosting that is more complicated and involves more advanced features. With this type of hosting, an exclusive SSL protocol and confidential FTP feature is normally included. SSL or Secure Sockets Layer allows for protected transmission of communication and business over the web. With a confidential FTP, or File Transfer Protocol, individuals can distribute information over the web, such as from one computer to another.

When an individual opts for the dedicated IP type of web hosting, he or she is basically more in command with the management of the site. Due to the exclusivity provided by this type of hosting, and the advanced specifications it allows, website owners can have the best possible advantages when it comes to owning a paid website. Since the website owner can exhaust all means to make his site more attractive and more impressive in navigation, then the site is expected to generate increased traffic and consequently a higher ranking in the popular search engines.

Primarily because dedicated IP hosting is greatly esteemed when it comes to the available internet services, this type of hosting usually commands expensive rates and package prices. When compared to other forms of hosting, dedicated IP is definitely pricier. Nonetheless, businesses and individuals can find hosting companies that charge sensible prices for their services. These website owners should first assess if they need a dedicated IP hosting, and then to research on the available options over the web. It is worth determining if a dedicated IP web hosting is just what the web business needs based on its particular requirements.

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Dedicated Servers for the Growing Needs of E-Businesses

When business owners opt for the dedicated type of web hosting, then their website files are stored and maintained in dedicated servers. More often than not, those engaged in e-businesses whether selling products or services own at least one website, and due to this an amount reserved for hosting expenses must be included in the budget. Depending on the needs of your business, you might want to reconsider getting a dedicated server for your site.

Firstly, what differentiates a shared hosting server with a dedicated hosting server? Normally, most websites owned by different individuals share a common server, and this is what shared hosting is all about. With dedicated servers, each server is allocated for a single website and the owner. Therefore, if you pay for a dedicated server, you are assured of complete exclusivity of that server for your e-business.

Getting a dedicated server for your site can have several benefits. With exceptional benefits that are not normally found in shared servers, having this type of hosting might be a smarter move.

Privacy and Security – The name basically speaks for itself.  Since the server is dedicated solely for your site, then there is absolute privacy with your files and records. Compared to sharing a server with other sites, a dedicated hosting will generally provide fewer system interruptions, if at all, and better connectivity

Greater Space for File Storage – Dividing a single server among different sites means there is limited space allocation for each site. With dedicated servers, the business owner is able to enjoy bigger space with which to store files and other records.

Seamless Data Transport – When you are transporting data, it often takes greater bandwidth to achieve a seamless transmission. With dedicated hosting, you virtually have no competition so your site visitors and clients will experience easier access to your website.

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Access to Control Panel – Owning an exclusive server will allow you a greater degree of control over your website and web server, unlike with a common server. You will have greater access to controls which results in better ease in management in dedicated servers.

Choices in Software Types – There are definitely more choices in software types with a dedicated server hosting. This is because the enhanced facility for storage will allow the website owner to have more freedom in choosing which software they prefer.

However, there is one drawback involved in choosing a dedicated server. Owning an exclusive server would mean that you’ll be paying a much greater price than sharing a server with many other website owners. Of course, you have to pay the price of the added perks included in dedicated server hosting, like greater security and easier data transport. It is essential for you to make certain if your e-business already needs a dedicated server and if you can benefit greatly from this.

You can make an assessment whether it is high time for your e-business to get a dedicated server. As the demands and traffic for your site increases, so does the need for your business to have more facility for data storage and increased level of security. Therefore, a more exclusive type of hosting may be most appropriate. Dedicated servers are in existence to provide a higher level of service for e-business owners who need them and don’t mind paying a little extra.