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.co : The world’s premier web address

.biz : Show the world that you mean business

.in : Domain name to build distinct Indian identity for your brand

.org : The domain that brings people together

.me : Personalize your blog, website, or business. Get creative!

.online : Domain that can be what you want it to be.

.website : A domain name that makes you stand out amongst your competitors and peers.

Domain Premier League Rules

  • Every day Two Domain TLDs will be up for purchase via Domain Premier League dashboard
    URL –
  • All the customers will have a chance to purchase competing domains at Super-Discounted prices.
  • On the day of the Match, playing TLD’s will be offered at VERY HIGH discount rates than their regular selling price
  • In the event that your preferred TLD is not playing, you can check the schedule and come back on their Match Day for purchase at discounted price.
  • The Match of the Day will be start every work day at 7AM and would close at 10PM same day.
  • The discounted domain prices will be offered only as per the match schedule.
  • For high volume purchases, please contact us on 1-800-266-7625

Key Aspects of a Successful Domain Name

Choosing the right domain name for your web site is undoubtedly one of the most important steps in any successful online endeavor. The domain name will be the face of your site and will ultimately be responsible for the branding of your site’s online persona. Unfortunately, many people choose a domain name because ‘it sounds goods’, or for because ‘they like it’, rather than using tried and proven methods to choose a name that will bring success in the long term with minimal effort. Did you know that choosing the right domain name can send your site to the top of the search engine for specific keywords even if there is only one page of content on the site! By following using the following three key aspects of a successful domain name you can ensure that you’re not regretful of you decision in several months.

  • Contains Keywords

This is by far the most important aspect of a domain name, as it can directly be responsible for the site ranking number one for a chosen keyword with only one article on the entire site. Thus, many people utilize keyword research tools to find the best keywords and then base their domain name buying decision on these keywords. This is an alternative approach to the ‘authority site’ method that involves buying one site that is not related to any keywords and then create a presence in a specific niche with sub-domains and a categorized site. If you want fast and easy success then you should choose a domain name that contains commonly searched for keywords, as this will ultimately result in automatic traffic from the search engines.

  • Is Memorable’

If you followed the previous tip then your domain name should already be memorable as it is a popular keyword, however it is not always possible to obtain a domain name that contains a keyword in the niche of your liking. Dealing with a niche that you’re comfortable with is very important if you want your site to be successful, as you may lose interest if you don’t like the niche you’re in. Thus, if you cannot find a popular keyword, try finding a domain name that is memorable but still relevant to your niche, this will ensure that whatever traffic you cannot gain form the search engines will be compensated by word of mouth and the memories of your site visitors.

  • Has a Popular Extension (TLD)

In general, if you want your site to be successful with minimal then you should not buy a domain name with the TL (domain extension) of .biz, .me, .tv. Or any other less commonly known domain name, there are two reasons for this. First the search engines typically rank .com, .org, .net and .info domains the highest, and second, a lot of people will not remember the extensions and will accidentally type in one of the more popular extensions, often bringing them to a competitor’s site. Although it is possible to rank highly using one of the less popular domain extensions, if you want to go straight to the top you need a commonly high ranking TLD.

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Purchasing a Domain vs. Using Free Blogs

Purchasing your own domain is the first step in becoming successful online, as most SEO and website specialists would tell you. However, there is a large number of people currently having success without ever owning their own web site. With the advent of web 2.0 many people are using free blogs to market their business and earn profits without ever investing in a single web site. Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages to using this approach, many of which involve the administrative freedom associated with owning the site. The following information compares the pros and cons of using free blogs versus buying your own domain.

Software Administration

With a free blog you are required to utilize the management software or platform given to you by the third-party blog provider, For example, if you set up a blogger blog then you have no choice but to use blogger’s administrate panel. This is a stark contrast in comparison to being able to choose your own content management system and then customize it with various plugins to suit your needs. Even so, many web 2.0 sites are advancing and a lot of them are open source, which lets developers create their own plugins that can be shared and modified by anyone. Overall, if you are planning on using a custom or commercial software solution to manage your site, you will need your own domain.

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Traffic Analysis

Fortunately, some free blogs will let you install Google Analytics, which can be a very powerful way to monitor your daily traffic levels. However, with your own domain and hosting account you’ll be able to choose which web analytics software you like the best, and most hosting providers offers such applications free within the control panel of your hosting account. The difference between Google Analytics and the programs offered within your hosting account is that you have more control over which solution is most suitable for your particular needs. If you want to create custom reports and have maximum control over the monitoring of your site campaigns then you need to have your own web hosting account.

Site Performance and Limitations

It is also important to note that when you are using a web 2.0 solution for blogging you are at the mercy of the web server your site is placed on, which is shared by hundreds of other people in most cases, this is even worse than a conventional shared hosting plan because your blog is not only sharing a server, it is sharing a main domain as well! Thus, if the web 2.0 site your blog is hosted on begins to slow down, your site will as well and there’s nothing you can do about the down time.

When you have your own web hosting account you can rest assured that customer support will be there to offer advice and fix any problems that occur with your site performance. Having your own web hosting plan and domain unleashes these limitations and gives you superior control over server resources as they are allocated to each of your other domains as well. When it comes to flexibility, capabilities and overall power, there is no question about it – self hosted domains are the only solution for aspiring professional webmasters.

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Tips for Registering a Domain Name

Registering a good domain name is perhaps one of the most important aspects of constructing a successful and profitable web site for your online business. Unfortunately, after you’ve chosen a domain name there is little you can do to turn back time, other than buying a new domain name and then forwarding the old domain to the new one through a practice known as domain forwarding. Thus, it is imperative to ensure that you’re satisfied with your selection before registering the domain. Even though he cost of domains is relatively low, the cost of choosing the wrong name can be quite high. The following tips can help you register the best domain name possible.

Register Expired Domains

One of the secrets the pros use to find valuable domain names quickly is expired domain auctions. If a domain name is expiring, that means that a webmaster held interest in the name at one point in time, and since many webmasters base their domain name selection on thorough keyword research, there is a good chance that the expired domain will have some inherent value. In fact, some expired domain names still retain some of the SEO attributes that were built up by the previous owner, such as backlinks and even page rank. If you’re having trouble brainstorming to come up with ideas for your next domain name, you may want to stop by a domain auction site to get a good idea of what domain names have been registered and expired recently.

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Avoid Hyphens and Numbers

Although domain names can consist of any combination of letters, numbers and hyphens, most experts recommend that you completely avoid using hyphens, and try to avoid using numbers as a substitution for words. For example, the domain name “” would be less desirable than “” simply because people are not likely to remember the hyphens when revisiting a web site.

Also, search engine queries usually never contain hyphens, which means the site’s SEO ranking could suffer because of the hyphens. Although inserting numbers and hyphens may shorten the length of the domain name and make it easier to read, the value of domains that contain hyphens and numbers is considerably lower than those that do not.

Consider Private Registration and Domain Certification

When you register your domain, any information that you give to the registrar is cataloged into a public database that can be accessed by anyone that is willing to do so. Fortunately, private domain registration can keep your private details out of the WHOIS database and away form malicious competitors and marketers that could quickly use it in nefarious ways. Domain certification also provides an extra level of security because it helps you provide proof of ownership when needed. If someone hijacks your domain then you can used the signed and notarized domain certificate as proof of ownership. Domain certification only costs about $3 while private registration only costs about $10. Both of which are worthy investments for the committed webmaster.

4 Things to Consider When Registering a Domain for Your Website

In order to procure a website, you need a web hosting service and preferably a domain name to go along with it.  These days, many web hosts offer a free domain name when signing up for one of their hosting packages.  While such a deal is often hard to resist, this may not be the best move.  This article will give you some important factors to consider and point you in the direction of a reliable domain name registrar.

1. What’s wrong with a Free Domain?

Getting a free domain registration from a web host is great, provided the company registers it in your name.  Unfortunately, several hosting companies elect to place the registration in their name.  This basically means that they own your domain name and can actually protest your decision to move it to another hosting company or registrar.  You can guess what a bad situation this could be turn out to be.  When it comes it to the internet, this is essentially like someone owning the name of your business.  Therefore, you should strongly consider only obtaining a free domain from a web host that will not try to claim ownership of the name.  If not, you could find yourself in a grueling, losing battle.

2. Avoid the Traps

These days, domain registrars offer an assortment of extra features.  This ranges from additional products for protecting your domain name to web hosting services.  Most of these offerings will sound tempting but it is wise to only select the services you require.  Therefore, if you simply need a domain name, don’t let a company persuade you into buying an overpriced hosting package as well.  If a particular registrar makes the process too confusing or tries to pressure you into purchasing these additional services, you should probably consider moving along to the next company.

3. Choose a Reliable Registrar

There are several domain registrars out there however only a few have a reputation that demands consideration.  Two of the most trusted and widely used are BigRock.

BigRock is often a first choice due to its reliable service and super-low prices.  You can get a .com, .net, .biz and many other domain names for Rs.99/- or less per year.  If you are paying significantly more than this, BigRock will allow you to transfer for a discounted price and renew your name for an additional year.

4. Stay on Your P’s and Q’s

Before deciding on a domain name, it is important to know what to look for in a registrar.  The two most essential aspects are reliability and status.  The same company that exists today could be gone tomorrow.  Although service providers are supposed to employ safeguards that prevent registrants from losing their domain, this is not the type of system you want to put to the test.  In simple terms, choosing a reliable domain name registrar is a must.  Just as when comparing web hosting services, you need to perform the same due diligence when hunting for a domain name holder.