What is a Streaming Server?

Since many users have access to broadband plans, media providers are using a streaming server to deliver their content. This approach is different than the older method where users had to completely download the media file before they could start playing it. This method is slow and made the viewers wait before they could start enjoying their media selection. To diminish part of the waiting period, a streaming server solution was developed.

Even though some people are vaguely familiar with these types of servers, they are not aware of the details that are involved in setting up and maintaining a web application of this type. To help users to better understand the specifics involved in setting up a web streaming server, this article discusses the hosting support requirements, some of the problems involved with operating a server of this type, and the different available server applications.

First, in order for content providers to stream their media, these providers need a server hosting solution. Because of the resources involved in streaming content, such as video, a dedicated streaming server is used as opposed to streaming on a shared hosting environment.
Dedicated streaming server houses the applications of only one client. This ensures that the content provider has all of the machines resources dedicated to running their web streaming server or any other applications that the content provider may have on the machine. This is necessary because streaming multiple connections to the server requires more computer memory and CPU usage than websites that primarily serve static or dynamic web pages.

A web streaming server is typically hosted on a Linux or Window environments, since these platforms are the primary operating systems used as web servers. Because there are many hosting companies that provide dedicated streaming on these systems, content providers should be able to find a system to fit their streaming server hosting needs.

When media content providers are looking for a hosting provider, in addition to the streaming server solution, they also need to look at the amount of allowed bandwidth that they can use per month. The reason for this should be obvious. The media that they are streaming, and this is especially true for video, requires more bandwidth than serving regular web pages. If the content provider streams thousands of megabytes each day, they may find themselves running out of available bandwidth on their plan, if their plan does not allow for unlimited bandwidth usage.

To limit bandwidth usage, content providers can limit the number of viewers watching a streaming media event, and they can also limit the bit rate connection on the web streaming server. These actions save on bandwidth, but they may interfere with the video watcher’s viewing experience. As opposed to cutting down on the bit rate connection, content providers can make their video with less resolution. This will result in smaller file sizes, which will stream more quickly and take up less bandwidth.
As for the type of streaming server hosting application that can be stored on the dedicated server, content providers have several applications to choose from. Some popular commercial choices are the Flash Media Server, the Helix Universal Server, made by RealNetworks, and the Wowza Media Server. The Flash Media Server only streams flash formatted files. The Helix and Wowza streaming servers can stream flash files, as well as file formats such as H.264, AAC, and MP3. There are also several free streaming media applications, but media content providers typically do not employ these applications as a professional solution. This mainly has to do with reliability and support. There is also a QuickTime streaming server application, but this application has special QuickTime streaming server hosting requirements.

More specifically in regards to QuickTime, even though the Linux and Window systems can be used to supply dedicated streaming server support for QuickTime streaming, some users may prefer a QuickTime streaming server hosting solution. To implement this solution, the QuickTime streaming server hosting must be installed on a Mac OS X operating system. Even though the Mac OS X is a popular operating system among consumers, only a handful of hosting companies provide hosting services for the Mac OS X platform. The few service providers that do provide this support employ dedicated server hosting services. The costs of these hosting plans range in price from $75 to approximately $500. Given the limited options available for QuickTime streaming server hosting, content providers may want to use a Linux or Windows streaming server hosting solution, since they can easily find dedicated systems on these environments.
In short, a streaming server is an application on a server that streams media content. Furthermore, there are several types of streaming server hosting applications for content users to choose from. Because streaming applications require more resources than standard web applications, these types of servers are primarily housed on a dedicated streaming server. And lastly, to ensure a continuous connection, content providers should look for hosting plans that allow high bandwidth usage, preferably a plan with unlimited bandwidth.

Web Hosting Solutions for Everyone

Web Hosting Solutions

Web hosting has become more well-known due to the proliferation of websites over the internet. Individuals no longer view the creation of websites as a passing trend; in fact doing so has become one of the most common activities over the web. With an online site, you can exist as an entrepreneur without having to open an online store. Your clients can access the merchandises that you market, and avail of the services that you offer. Due to this important role of websites, choosing the right hosting provider is very crucial.

Web hosting providers make servers available so that websites can exist over the internet. A good hosting provider will be able to make your website more enticing to your prospective clients. For starters, you need to be aware of the different types of hosting options available for websites, and to see which of these is most suitable for your business needs.  Shared hosting is one type of web hosting that is definitely more affordable for website owners. This hosting option allows for a single server to be shared among websites.

In a shared hosting arrangement, your website won’t be the only one being hosted by a server, there will be several.  Due to this, your and the other website owners won’t have any control over the server because that responsibility is limited only to the web hosting company. The hosting provider is accountable for the function and management of the server. While this type of web hosting is priced at a reasonable rate, it may not necessarily be what your web based business needs when it comes to level of control and security matters. Another type of hosting which bigger companies typically go for is the dedicated type of web hosting.  The main difference between shared hosting and dedicated hosting is the number of websites accommodated in a single server. In a shared hosting, more than one website occupies the server. In a dedicated hosting, a single server is allocated for one client alone.

So if you will avail of the dedicated hosting service, you will be given more freedom in running your website, and greater disk space as compared to the shared type of hosting. If you want a type of hosting that is a cut above shared hosting when it comes to features and level of control, then choose dedicated hosting. When you have a server that caters only to your account, then you will experience fewer problems when it comes to transmission and privacy. Nonetheless, before you arrive at a decision, make sure that you have done your research and have evaluated the pros and cons of each hosting option.

Normally, hosting services will make available several operating systems or platforms. It could either be run on a Windows platform or a Linux one. Again, you have to choose the one that is most workable for your site so as to prevent switching from one system to another.

If your website is actually meant to be a business site or an online store where you can market and sell to your customers, then consider having a hosting type that specifically caters to e-businesses. This particular web hosting provides more features suitable for running and managing a business online, as well as accepting purchases and payments.

Whether you go for the affordable shared hosting type, or the more sophisticated dedicated server web hosting, the more important thing is for you to know which hosting arrangement is most fitting for your website or internet business.

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The History of Web Hosting

The history of web hosting may be said to have begun in 1991, around the same time, too, that the internet and the World Wide Web have invaded the lives of the people. Web hosting has, however, markedly improved since that time on.

Advanced modes of communications such as the email, for instance, may have started long before that, of course, but admittedly, it was only in the 1990s when things started to change remarkably. During this time, there were no longer commercial restrictions, and the internet became an avenue for individual people to have their websites seen over the World Wide Web through a system called web hosting, something which was not made possible before.  It can be said, then, that the history of web hosting began during that time only.

The period of 1991 was a period of great change for the internet, and web hosting in particular. The change that happened during this time is called the revolution of electronic commerce. This is the time when companies began to realize the profitability of the web hosting market and the potentials of having a web site of their own. Before that, only universities and big companies, perhaps, are able to have their own websites, but the history of web hosting opened new opportunities even for individual persons to have a website.

Web Hosting Companies

Initially, not everyone knew how to use web hosting to his advantage. Understandably, being new in the market, the idea of web hosting was quite difficult to grasp. For one, web hosting was very expensive back then, so not everyone had the opportunity to hire the services of a web hosting company so his website could be seen all over the internet. Back then, too, web hosting, used to be a very complicated procedure, often described in technical terms that were too difficult for a layman to understand and grasp. Fortunately, the concept of web hosting became less complex as the years went by. Maybe, this was largely because there are more types of web hosting services available now. In spite of this, however, the need for technical companies to operate the system are still apparent even to this day. The cost of web hosting, too, decreased considerably over the years. In fact, there are many web hosting companies now that offer their services for free.

Another change that web hosting has undergone through the years has something to do with the rent of space. In the past, computer companies would only rent out the space right from their own servers to host web pages, but nowadays, thousands upon thousands of individuals are able to offer similar services as well.

Nowadays, it is easier to understand what web hosting is all about. The concept of web hosting significantly improves with the passing of time. As detailed in the history of web hosting, the business of web hosting has, indeed, undergone tremendous changes through the years, all of which have created a huge impact in the industry.

How to Make Money as a Web Hosting Reseller

Making money online with web hosting is now a reality for people who want to earn further income. Hosting websites has become a necessity over the internet since websites cannot be made available without a competent web host. In recognition with this need, you can also make a fortune by going into the hosting business. If you will be able to manage this venture effectively, you will certainly be counting on additional sources of profit from hosting.

The type of hosting that is going to earn you extra money is Reseller Hosting. With this type of hosting, all you have to do is purchase a reseller hosting package from a bigger hosting company, divide the capacity in bandwidth and disk space, then sell these smaller portions to other website owners at a profit. If you will be able to cater to ten clients for example, then the profit that you will be making on each will be multiplied to ten each month.

Actually, reseller hosting does not require a huge amount of cash outlay when getting started. Many reseller web hosting packages can be purchased from 30 to 50 dollars per month and this amount is already a reasonable outlay for any internet business. You just have to make sure to sell your divided space at a profit so you will still be earning decent revenue each month. Most clients would not mind sharing a common server with other website owners since this is what shared hosting is all about in the first place. You also have to choose the customers wisely and make sure to communicate effectively with them. This will engender reliability with your clients and thus will assure you of steady income from hosting websites even while you’re just staying at home.

How then do you market this type of service and generate more clients?

With the abundance of web hosts all offering cut rate prices to the customers, reseller hosting may seem like a difficult venture to be successful in. This is true in fact, and when you do not adopt any strategies at all in marketing your reseller service, nobody will ever know about it. Try to locate a niche that might be interested in what you have to offer. If you have the skill in web designing, you can repackage the sites and make it appear fresh to the sight of the targeted clients. You can also join several forums so as to gather ideas on what customers actually need. In this manner, you will realize what you can offer to satisfy the needs of the clients.

Marketing your service can take different means and the most important thing is exerting the needed effort to gain the recognition that your reseller business needs. Why not write relevant blog posts and publish them for the public to read? Advertising can also be done through print, like business cards, posters and the like. Before long, you may start noticing that your patrons are steadily rising and that your hosting profits have already begun to increase.

If you are someone who has multiple sites, having a reseller hosting package will not only provide for your needs, it will also allow you to earn a reasonable income from your hosting ventures. This type of hosting is not a new venture but it has gained popularity only in recent times. Reseller hosting may just be the hosting that is for you, as a supplement to the income from your regular job.

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The Truth about Good Web Hosting Service

There is no other surefire way in choosing the most reliable hosting service than to make a careful research on the many web hosting companies existing online. If you would do even just a random search on the available hosting providers you will be surprised to discover that there are in fact more than a few. In this connection, finding the right web host will definitely not happen overnight.

First of all, it is important for you to recognize the actual hosting facility that you require, because this will lead you in choosing the one that fulfills all of your needs. What is the purpose of your planned website? Will it be purely for personal purposes? Or perhaps your site is meant to be an online business store where you can interact with your clients? Do you expect a lot of web site traffic? Or perhaps you want to scale the ranks in search engines? Knowing what you need will be essential in getting the best hosting service.

Secondly, you must also consider the price that you have to pay for each package. Web hosting companies provide services at various rates, and to get the best worth for your money, you should also consider how much you will be actually spending. Sure, free web hosting service may be a great steal because you can have web presence without paying any amount. However it is best to remember that free hosting does not address all the needs of a growing business, and if your e-business site is one of these, it is best to opt for a paid hosting account.

If you read the hosting features provide by web hosting companies online, you will discover that most of them offer above 90 percent up-time guarantee. The higher the guarantee, the better is the assurance that the servers wherein the websites are hosted are functioning at their best all the time.

You also have to consider the bandwidth necessities of your website or websites. In the beginning you may not require a lot, but as your site begins to attract a loyal following and when traffic becomes more enhanced, a bigger disk space is definitely a need rather than a mere luxury. You should be aware of the space that you require so that you may anticipate better the expenses that naturally go with it.

Technical assistance and system support from the web hosting service provider is very essential whenever your site undergoes some tough times. Of course the ideal and reliable hosting provider would be one that is accessible round the clock. You can try to test the willingness and reliability of a specific hosting facility in providing support by sending emails regularly and see if the company people respond well to the queries.

Always check if there is one specific feature that you need for your site and see if your chosen hosting provider is able to supply you with this requirement. Scripting languages, online payment schemes, blogging features, guestbook, and emails are just some of the more common features.

Even when the hosting company maintains a greater part of the control with the servers, it must also offer some degree of control for the website owners or the clients. This will make it more convenient for the website owners who may also be online entrepreneurs or internet marketers which prefer accountability with their sites. A good hosting service company is one that provides its clients with the control panels as deemed necessary.

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